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Peter Jang


Before PJ TRAINS was a business, it was a training blog to share my exploration of human movement. I’d been a lifelong athlete playing at the collegiate D1 level, a runner, powerlifting enthusiast, and hiker. Along the way, I’d become a trainer. Doing all those things I loved quicker and stronger is why I valued what I did in the gym, and I loved helping my clients do that too. As with anything, the more I learned about training, the more I realized human movement required more than that monthly workout in Men’s Health or the manic jump squat workouts on the trendiest app. I wanted more. That desire led to a career-long study of biomechanics, performance, nutrition, recovery, and breath work that helped me develop a principles-driven approach to training that was founded on scientific evidence. PJ TRAINS remains an exploration of human movement, but is no longer just my own. It’s yours too. Taking a systematic approach, we can achieve your current goals, set new ones, and exceed them.

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